Welcome, take your seat. I’ve been waiting for you!

Well, I’m glad you’re here and you made it safe. Feel free to read, comment or share anything you see or read. I’ve searched for an outlet for excess creativity that artwork does not pull out of me. I found myself wanting to randomly put my thoughts to paper but didn’t want to keep track of a dozen notebooks. You’ll notice at times, my sentence structure or run on paragraphs awaken your inner grammar monster. Allow me to explain, if I try to hard to remember all the bs rules of English I won’t be able to focus on my initial thoughts. So hence the title “Write drunk, edit never” I do not plan to come back and edit these posts because once my thoughts are out, they’re out.

The proper format for a blog is unclear or maybe the fact that I haven’t researched how it should be is the answer. I’m not looking for The Warwick Prize for Writing, but I mean if you think I should get it than that would explain the celebratory drinks. This blog may turn into something more or something more focused. However, it’s my creative rebound for having artist’s block. Well I guess if I’m blogging and creating content….that’s art? Fuck it, let’s have a good story.

Published by S.Oliver

In my opinion, my opinion of me has a inconsistent stable shift based on the amount of entertainment I provide to one idea of who I think I am. Foremost, I am a husband, father, artist. Followed aggressively by being a amateur thought collector and organizer. I often write myself notes of great ideas but forget where I left my notepad. I own an irresponsible amount of notepads and can not keep a pen if my life depended on it. I struggle with caring about correct sentence format (don’t care that I don’t care) and autocorrect is my best friend. I’m not bothered by the correct process because it will hinder my creativity in the most brick wall fashion. I have strong morals and values towards life and believe holding the door for someone will help to step ahead in the line to heaven. I believe a few strong drinks with an intelligent conversationist can out perform any therapist. I’ve slept under the stars and felt the rains in Germany, I’ve swiped the dust from my notepad in Djibouti. I’ve stood in aw of the St. Louis Arch and the simplicity of the design. I had a heart to heart with a 6’5 bouncer at the Coo Coo’s Neat in Queens. The state trooper in Dallas didn’t believe me when I told I identified as someone who doesn’t obey the speed limits. I still do not believe you can see Russia from the mountain tops in Anchorage no matter what my sister in law says. I love with my whole heart and feels with every sense in my body.

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