Inner soul searching on an asshole level. The amazingly personal personality test.

I’ve considered becoming a “blogger” for a while now, however my blunt personality, straight forward answers and sarcasm has never really been received well over text. I was hesitate about coming across as an asshole or having readers disengage from my post or not engaging at all. Even on social media I take a second to revise my comments because according to my wife, “you sound like your being a dick” when I’m giving an honest answer or unbiased comment. I’m the type of person people refer to with the phase “he’s an asshole when you first met but pretty cool when you get to know him.”

So, one of the few solutions to my problem was do some inner soul searching and figure out why I’m rough around the edges. Instead of retreating for a 10 mediation or fasting (impossible, I married an Italian women.) or traveling to Peru for a ride on the Ayahuasca train.

I did what any resourceful, determined, and confident researcher would I googled it. I was a bit apprehensive and honestly didn’t think I’d find anything short of a 100 page dissertation paper and articles defining the sixteen different personalities types with charts and graphs. Not looking forward to cross referencing traits charts and survey results like a detective on the lower east side of Chicago in the late 90’s. I found something a bit simpler and decided to share with everyone.

Here’s my results and the amazingly detailed breakdown of who I am as a person. Enjoy!

If we’re being honest, I am an asshole but I’ll still hold the door for someone well they do that little jog up because they are ten feet away.

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