Change the color of your seed, don’t pour paint on your pedals.

As we begin the new year, we have these burning desires to leave the mistakes, damaging bad habits and baggage in the pervious year. However, it’s easier said than done in terms of washing your hands of the dirt. You can force yourself to eat clean and do more reps during a set at the gym but you need to re-evaluate your mental commitment. 


I have a love/hate relationship with the phase “it’s the thought that counts.” Well yes and no, yes because it’s a great way to do something nice for someone or complete a task. No, because I could say, well I know I drank and drove but it wasn’t my intention to hit that person. Of course that’s the most extreme example but some of our thoughts and action are equally damaging to some degree. Let’s drive into a few ways of changing our thought patterns on bad behavior. 


I’m FAR from a social psychologist, but I know what has worked for me and I believe there’s a difference because studying people and understanding what your studying. I’ve serviced in the military for the last ten years since I was 17 years of age, and yes you can do that. Yes, there’s a way of thinking and solving problems in the military but contrary to popular belief we are not robots. I’ve developed my own ways of dealing with different types of individuals as the military is extremely diverse in both nationally and racially. Of course you need to be a US citizen but a lot of folks EARN their citizenship once they serve for a few years. 

With that being said, there are a few people in this world that push me to the limit just by blinking or breathing the same air as me. Those individuals don’t even need to say anything and I already disagree, if they said it was raining outside I’d go get my rain coat and call them a liar. I know this is not healthy to feel this way and that’s why I’m leaving that negative thought pattern in 2018. 

(“New Year, New Me” bullshit, let’s stop saying that.) 

Check out this blog: 


I can hear you saying to yourself “man, this guy must carry a lot of negativity around all the time.” Well no, I’m genuinely an optimist but it’s a small hand full of people that throw my emotions in a spiraling mess of anger, anxiety and pure desire to challenge them as chance I get. I hate feeling this way and carrying that hate in my heart for days at a time because of one little meaningless thing they said it didn’t say or a small laugh or moving their hands a certain ways..those Mother fuckers sieidioeiejxnebwbjc c candidxkd . I’m sorry, I saw red for a second. 


Reminder, I’m not social psychologist so I’ve researched and found a few articles I thought provided some great tips and tools. The first article by a delightfully insightful women named Arlin Cuncic. In this short article she reviews “8 Tips to Change Negative Thinking.” 

•Understanding your thinking style

•How to stop thinking negatively 

•How to cope with criticism 

•How to practice mindfulness 

•Why thought stopping doesn’t work

•Understanding thought diaries 

•Sample thought diary 

•How to complete a thought diary 

See article

Here’s a beautiful piece I came across with some wise words of wisdom on inner soul searching.

In this article, Melli Obrein crafts the levels of our self in such a way you immediately connect yourself and start the evaluation of your interior mindset. At times, we all face points of rage, being annoyed or wanted to completely run away from a person. There are several ways to help cope with negative thinking temporary but if you want or need to make a serious life perspective change you need to dig deep and dig hard. Be the flower you’d pick for your mother not the rotten potato from the market. 


Published by S.Oliver

In my opinion, my opinion of me has a inconsistent stable shift based on the amount of entertainment I provide to one idea of who I think I am. Foremost, I am a husband, father, artist. Followed aggressively by being a amateur thought collector and organizer. I often write myself notes of great ideas but forget where I left my notepad. I own an irresponsible amount of notepads and can not keep a pen if my life depended on it. I struggle with caring about correct sentence format (don’t care that I don’t care) and autocorrect is my best friend. I’m not bothered by the correct process because it will hinder my creativity in the most brick wall fashion. I have strong morals and values towards life and believe holding the door for someone will help to step ahead in the line to heaven. I believe a few strong drinks with an intelligent conversationist can out perform any therapist. I’ve slept under the stars and felt the rains in Germany, I’ve swiped the dust from my notepad in Djibouti. I’ve stood in aw of the St. Louis Arch and the simplicity of the design. I had a heart to heart with a 6’5 bouncer at the Coo Coo’s Neat in Queens. The state trooper in Dallas didn’t believe me when I told I identified as someone who doesn’t obey the speed limits. I still do not believe you can see Russia from the mountain tops in Anchorage no matter what my sister in law says. I love with my whole heart and feels with every sense in my body.

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