A little more about yours truly.

In my opinion, my opinion of me has a inconsistent stable shift based on the amount of entertainment I provide to one idea of who I think I am. Foremost, I am a husband, father, artist. (Barnegat Bay, Barnegat, NJ. 2014) (Daddy and Penny, 2017. Florence, AL) Followed aggressively by being a amateur thought collectorContinue reading “A little more about yours truly.”

Welcome, take your seat. I’ve been waiting for you!

Well, I’m glad you’re here and you made it safe. Feel free to read, comment or share anything you see or read. I’ve searched for an outlet for excess creativity that artwork does not pull out of me. I found myself wanting to randomly put my thoughts to paper but didn’t want to keep trackContinue reading “Welcome, take your seat. I’ve been waiting for you!”